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BOD Decision -2010/07/20-04 Enhancement/Devaluation of Permanent Disability Awards

On July 20, 2010, the Board of Directors approved amendments to policy item #39.12, Enhancement, and policy item #39.13, Devaluation, of the Rehabilitation Services & Claims Manual, Volume II (“RS&CM”).

The policy changes clarify when permanent disability awards are enhanced or devalued. Changes to policy item #39.12 provide that enhancement:

  • Applies to bilateral disabilities involving both arms, or both legs
  • Applies to disabilities that impede assisted ambulation
  • Does not apply to two or more disabilities of the spinal column
  • Is only applied to awards assessed under the Permanent Disability Evaluation Schedule

Policy item #39.13, Devaluation, has been revised to delete the devaluation formula and add a statement that multiple disabilities involving one limb cannot exceed the amputation value of that limb.

As well, the Board of Directors approved consequential amendments to policy item
Amputation of Digits of the Hand, and policy item #39.32, Thumb Restrictions, of the RS&CM.

The amendments came into effect on January 1, 2011 and apply to all decisions made on or after that date.

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