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BOD Decision -2006/06/20-02 – Average Earnings and Worker Expenses

The Board of Directors approved changes to the Rehabilitation Services & Claims Manual, policy items #68.61 (renamed "Workers Deducting Business and/or Equipment Expenses") and #68.62 (Fishers) to add guidance for deducting expenses from workers' and fishers' gross earnings to determine average earnings. These policies apply in cases where workers and fishers without Personal Optional Protection take deductions from gross earnings for expenses incurred in providing labour. In addition to adding four questions to consider in deducting expenses, the policies were edited for clarity in response to stakeholder comments.

The changes are effective for claims resulting from injuries occurring on or after August 1, 2006.

Meeting Date: Jun 20, 2006 File type: PDF (48 KB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision