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BOD Decision -2003/11/19-04 – Skills Development and Labour Statutes Amendment Act, 2003

Changes to the workers' compensation system contained in the Skills Development and Labour Statutes Amendment Act, 2003 ("Bill 37") took effect on December 31, 2003. Bill 37 amended the Workers Compensation Act ("Act") to:

  • change how survivor benefits are calculated;
  • recognize that a psychologist may diagnose a worker's mental stress condition; and
  • introduce a lay advocate provision permitting non-lawyers to represent a person in a workers' compensation matter.

The amendments to the survivor benefit provisions of the Act, except those related to inflation adjustments, are retroactive to June 30, 2002.
As a result of the legislative changes in Bill 37, policies in the Rehabilitation Services & Claims Manual addressing compensation for the surviving dependants of a deceased worker have been revised. In addition, policies dealing with mental stress and cost of living adjustments have been amended in accordance with the new legislative provisions.

Meeting Date: Nov 19, 2003 File type: PDF (1 MB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision