BOD Decision – 2003/03/18-02 – Average Earnings – Categorization of Longshore Workers

The Board of Directors approved an amendment to the Workers' Compensation Board's ("WCB") policy on casual workers, as provided in policy item #67.10 of the Rehabilitation Services & Claims Manual, Volume II. With respect to compensation matters, the WCB's previous policy was that longshore workers were treated as casual workers for the determination of average earnings. Upon reconsideration, the Board of Directors has determined that the reference to longshore workers should be removed from the policy so longshore workers are categorized according to their employment circumstances for purposes of determining average earnings. Therefore, effective March 18, 2003, the categorization of longshore workers for the determination of average earnings will be dependent upon their employment circumstances.

Meeting Date: Mar 18, 2003 File type: PDF (22 KB) Asset type: Policy & Regulation Decision