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Log Loading Safety - It's Everyone's Responsibility

NOTE: This video contains language that may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Failure to properly supervise work, bad planning, errors of judgment, poor communication, and pressure to clear landings quickly—any of these unsafe practices can result in workers being injured or killed. Employers, supervisors, equipment operators, and truck drivers—everyone is responsible for ensuring that forestry workers get home safely.This video shows what can happen if safe work procedures are not followed when loading logs in a landing area. There are a number of breakdowns in equipment, procedures, and protocols that make this worksite unsafe: using a cell phone while driving, driver not wearing a seatbelt, swearing over a radio, broken horn, and exiting the cab without clearance. These unsafe practices represent learning opportunities that can be part of a post-viewing discussion. This video portrays a fictional workplace. It does not represent the forest industry in general or the individuals or companies involved in the production.

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