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Young worker falls from third-storey balcony

A young worker fell 18 feet 6 inches from an unguarded third-storey balcony to the ground below. The worker was in the process of installing siding above the sliding door of a newly constructed four-storey apartment complex when he fell. The worker died of a severe closed head injury.


Findings as to causes

  • The worker fell 18 feet 6 inches from a balcony and died of a severe head injury.
  • There were no guardrails and the worker did not wear personal fall protection.
  • There were no written training records for this young worker.
  • There was no fall protection plan established for the work being done.
  • There was no evidence that supervisors were monitoring or recording that safe work practices were being used and that job procedures were being followed.
  • Management was not monitoring records and reviewing results with the supervisor on a regular basis.
  • The prime contractor was not coordinating all the health and safety activities of employers on this worksite.
Findings as to underlying factors
  • The worker was a young male worker, part of a group with a higher-than-average injury rate. It is important for employers to ensure that new workers, especially young male workers, receive adequate instruction, training, and supervision.

Publication Date: Jan 2005 File type: PDF (247 KB) Asset type: Incident Investigation Report Summary NI number: 2005105910004