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Young worker falls from lift truck platform

A young worker, new to the job, was reorganizing boxes stored on racking in a warehouse. The worker was using an "order selector" style of lift truck elevated to a height of 12 feet 8 inches (3.9 metres). She was not using any fall protection equipment. To access the shelves, the worker likely stepped off the operator's platform onto a site-built work platform that was mounted on the forks of the lift truck. She fell from the work platform to the concrete floor, sustaining a severe injury.


Findings as to causes

  • The worker fell from elevation onto a concrete floor. There was no fall protection system in use.
Findings as to underlying factors
  • The worker was not adequately trained in fall protection or in operation of the lift truck.
  • The supervision was inadequate, and the employer had not trained the lead hand in supervisory responsibilities concerning health and safety.
  • The racking design, storage conditions, and the inadequately designed and installed wood work platform exposed the young worker to the increased risk of a fall.
  • The employer did not implement an appropriate health and safety program at this workplace and did not conduct general inspections of equipment and work processes.
  • The new worker and the lead hand were both young workers. Neither worker had the prior knowledge, skills, or experience to understand the extreme risk they were in when using the order selector.

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Publication Date: Sep 2008 File type: PDF (820 KB) Asset type: Incident Investigation Report Summary NI number: 2008145570150