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Stunt performer died after being ejected from motorcycle and crashing into window of building

WorkSafeBC is mandated by legislation to investigate workplace incidents. The primary purpose of WorkSafeBC’s incident investigation reports is to identify the cause of the incident, including contributing factors, so that similar incidents can be prevented in the future.

Date of incident: August 2017
Notice of incident number: 2017178040008
Employer: TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd.

Incident summary:
During the filming of the movie Deadpool 2 in Vancouver, B.C., a stunt double was fatally injured when she was ejected from the motorcycle she was operating and crashed into the window of a building, striking the window frame.

Download the redacted incident investigation report to learn more about the investigation’s findings and conclusions.

Related information:

Publication Date: Oct 2019 File type: PDF (3 MB) Asset type: Incident Investigation Report Summary NI number: 2017178040008