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Workplace Emergency Planning Inclusive of People with Disabilities

This research project examined workplace emergency planning practice in B.C., in relation to the needs of people with disabilities. The researchers aimed to develop a practical handbook for employers on how to create and implement emergency plans that are inclusive of workers with disabilities

Planning for alternative communications and inclusive evacuation and recovery procedures is critical to the safety of workers with disabilities in disaster situations such as fires, floods, hazard material incidents and earthquakes. This research project examined current workplace emergency planning practice in B.C. to determine how inclusive it is of the needs of people with disabilities. The literature review and key informant interviews also examined emergency planning in other Canadian provinces and the United States to identify best practices that could be applied in B.C

The BC Coalition of People with Disabilities (BCCPD) has developed a handbook on emergency planning in the workplace based on the findings

Principal Applicant: Margaret Birrell (BC Coalition of People with Disabilities)
Co-applicant: Karen Martin (Independent Contract Researcher)
Funding Awarded: $38,870* (Innovation)

In partnership with the Workers’ Compensation Board of Nova Scotia

Competition Year: 2007 File type: PDF (194 KB) Asset type: Research Research: RS2007-IG01