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Proof of Concept for an Innovative Approach to Physical Job Demands Analysis

The purpose of this research is to investigate a proof of concept approach to a method of Physical Job Demands Analysis by employing state-of-the-art technology through the use of inertial and force-sensitive sensors worn by workers.  Principle components of PJDAs include information on the timing of work, frequency of activities such as lifting, lowering, overhead work, as well as the internal and external forces involved in carrying out work. This method could make it possible to collect, process, and analyze large amounts of useful information on a wide variety of job types and environments to significantly improve injury and illness prevention, as well as return-to-work accommodation of an injured worker.

Principal Applicant:

Tyler Amell (LifeMark Health Management)


Tim Watzak (Sport Innovation Centre);
Gord Sleivert (Canadian Sport Centre Pacific)

Funding Awarded:

$49,060* (Innovation)

Year Funded:


*In partnership with the WCB of Nova Scotia

Publication Date: 2011 Research: RS2011-IG05