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On-Water Visibility Study - Determining the Most Visible Colour that can be Worn by Floating Subjects

This project evaluated the effectiveness of specific shades of colour for immersion suits and lifejackets in the ocean environment. The goal was to determine the most conspicuous colour for safety purposes

This study was designed to determine and scientifically validate the most conspicuous colour for use on personal flotation devices and immersion suits when viewed on the water. Recent colour visibility studies have led to changes at WorkSafeBC requiring the use of fluorescent materials by road workers. However, current Canadian immersion suit standards prescribe non-fluorescent Pantone colours (orange, red, and yellow) for use on immersion suits

While wearing personal protective equipment when working on the water is seen as essential, historically there has been no strong evidence or agreement on what colour the equipment should be. The results of this study could be used to guide the development of future standards and regulations, contributing to the increased safety of on-water workers

Principal Applicant: Wendell Uglene (Mustang Survival Corp.)
Co-applicants: Simon Hammond, Cheryl So (Mustang Survival Corp.)
Funding Awarded: $25,850 (Innovation)

Competition Year: 2009 File type: PDF (5 MB) Asset type: Research Research: RS2009-IG30