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Increasing Access to Radiation Safety Training and Validating its Effectiveness in Improving Work Practices Involving Radiation

This project aimed to develop self-study training modules on radiation protection, and to evaluate the effectiveness of these training modules

In this project, researchers developed four training modules in online and DVD formats, with the goal of improving staff access to radiation safety training. The modules developed were: Radiation Safety Basics, Radiation Safety for Nursing Staff, Radiation Safety for Nuclear Medicine Technologists, and Safe Use of Fluoroscopy. To assess whether the modules were effective in transferring knowledge and improving work practices involving radiation, a pilot study was conducted in three B.C. health authorities

The modules were found to be effective and are being integrated into staff orientation procedures and training resources

Principal Applicant: Emerenciana (Emmy) Duran (Vancouver Coastal Health Authority)
Co-applicants: Peter Choi (Vancouver Coastal Health Authority), Anthony Yu (Fraser Health)
Funding Awarded: $48,930 (Innovation)

Competition Year: 2006 File type: PDF (737 KB) Asset type: Research Research: RS2006-IG11