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Identification, Control and Prevention of Work-related Psychosocial Hazards and Social Conditions Contributing to Mental Health Disorders and Prolonged Work Absence

Employers and workers are beginning to recognize the need to be more knowledgeable about mental health in the workplace. This research builds on the findings of two best-evidence synthesis reviews conducted as part of an academic community stakeholder partnership. The first review identified risk factors for work absence, and the second identified interventions that impact these risk factors. This study will identify effective intervention components; compare and contrast implementation characteristics; search new resources relevant to stakeholders; create implementation resources guides to identify, control and prevent work-related psychosocial hazards; and actively disseminate these resources.

Principal Applicant: Marc White (UBC)
Co-investigators: Shannon Wagner (UNBC), Kelly Williams-Whitt (University of Lethbridge), Catherine Loughlin (St. Mary’s University), Izabela Schultz (UBC), Clermont Dionne (Laval University), Merv Gilbert (SFU), Dan Bilsker (SFU), Loisel Patrick (University of Toronto), Niki Ellis (Monash University)
Funding Awarded: $50,000 (Innovation)

Competition Year: 2014 File type: PDF (266 KB) Asset type: Research Research: RS2014-IG19