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FIT - Fishboat Inclinometer Testing (Commercial Fishing Vessel Behaviour: Predicted vs. Actual)

This project was designed to inform safe operation stability for commercial fishing vessels. The researchers set out to design, build, integrate, and install a unique assemblage of high-tech devices, including but not limited to solid state inclinometers and accelerometers aboard a commercial fishing vessel

Analysis included vessel behaviour while at sea, compared to predictive analysis for that vessel

The intent was to inform best practices and to tailor minimum stability standards in the regulated environment for commercial fishing vessels under 24 meters in length

Principal Applicant: Steven Threadkell (PortShip Consulting Inc.)
Co-applicants: Peter Nicol (Summit Metrology), Alex Brydon (MerLion Marine)
Funding Awarded: $56,550* (Innovation)

*In partnership with the WCB of Nova Scotia

Competition Year: 2010 File type: PDF (289 KB) Asset type: Research Research: RS2010-IG12