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Feet first: instrumental insoles to examine workplace injury risk

This study seeks to determine the association between weight bearing and plantar fasciitis (PF). Specifically, this research will address: what is the role of prolonged weight bearing in the occurrence of plantar foot pain (PFP) and what is the effect of standing versus walking in the association of PFP? The researchers intend to use a novel instrumented insole system that has been developed by Kintec and SFU to directly measure time spent sitting, standing and walking over a standard 12-hour workday. The data will allow researchers to identify at risk work populations, professions that typically involve prolonged weight bearing.

Principal Applicant: Carolyn Sparrey (SFU)
Funding Awarded: $49,840 (Innovation)

Competition Year: 2017 Asset type: Research Research: RS2017-IG17