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Carcinogen Surveillance Program

The purpose of this project was to estimate the number of workers exposed to occupational carcinogens in B.C., using an approach developed in Finland and data from research studies conducted at the University of B.C. and the B.C. Cancer agency

This project led to the development of new estimates of how many workers are exposed to cancer-causing agents in B.C. workplaces. The estimates were developed by using a modified version of CAREX, the International Information System on Occupational Exposure to Carcinogens, and integrating additional data sources, such as detailed B.C. and Ontario labour force estimates, workplace carcinogen exposure measurements, government reports, B.C. cancer studies, and other published research. Findings include estimates of the 10 most common workplace carcinogens in B.C. and the number of workers estimated to be exposed to each

Principal Investigator: Paul Demers (UBC)
Co-investigators: Nhu Le (B.C. Cancer Agency); Kay Teschke (UBC)
Funding Awarded: $80,490 (2 years)

Competition Year: 2003 File type: PDF (435 KB) Asset type: Research Research: RS2002/03-014