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Asthmatic Knowledge and Careers

The purpose of this project was to develop and test an educational web-based tool for young adults with asthma. The tool is intended to provide information on risks of workplace exacerbation of asthma, and to identify potential preventive strategies

The researchers developed a website to educate young asthmatics about asthma triggers, prevention and management in the workplace. The initial design of the website was informed by an extensive review of the literature and of best practices in asthma education and website design. Four sets of user testing and feedback were then conducted, with improvements to the website at each stage, based on test results and participant feedback

After the final changes have been made, the website will be hosted on the Asthma Society of Canada website

Principal Applicant: Susan Tarlo (St. Michael’s Hospital &Gage Occupational &Environmental Health Unit – Ontario)
Co-Applicants: Samir Gupta, Sharon Straus (St. Michael's Hospital); Gary Liss, Marcos Ribeiro, Mark Chignell, Sacha Bhinder (University of Toronto)
Funding Awarded: $49,460 (Innovation)

In partnership with the Workplace Health, Safety &Compensation Commission (WHSCC) of Newfoundland &Labrador

Competition Year: 2008 File type: PDF (3 MB) Asset type: Research Research: RS2008-IG19