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Standards of Conduct for Practice and Procedure before WorkSafeBC

These Standards of Conduct apply to representatives who appear before WorkSafeBC:

  1. The conduct of a representative must be of the highest moral and ethical standard in keeping with the responsibility and trust placed with them by their clients and the importance of their function. This conduct includes unfailing honesty. The representative will not put forward any information known to be untrue, nor will he or she knowingly assist or encourage a party to be dishonest or misrepresent facts.
  2. The conduct of a representative must demonstrate a high degree of courtesy and respect to other parties and their representatives, witness(es), and WorkSafeBC staff.
  3. A representative must be prepared. This includes being familiar with their client's WorkSafeBC claim, prevention or assessment file and the relevant law and policy. This also includes consulting with the client before making representations to WorkSafeBC on the client's behalf and being in a position to attend at WorkSafeBC as requested and/or provide written submissions on a timely basis.
  4. A representative must observe WorkSafeBC's practices and procedures in relation to attendance either at WorkSafeBC or outside WorkSafeBC on matters involving the client including meetings, hearings, medical assessments, and work assessments/ evaluations.
  5. A representative will instruct his or her client and witnesses on the appropriate conduct in relation to WorkSafeBC attendance, and the requirement for courtesy and respect to WorkSafeBC staff as well as to any parties and opposing representatives. A representative is expected to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent clients and witnesses from disrupting WorkSafeBC-related proceedings. A representative is held responsible for the conduct of their client.
  6. Any public statements that are made by the representative on behalf of the client should be factual and fair and never involve personal attacks on WorkSafeBC staff or other parties to a hearing.
  7. A representative will maintain and protect the confidentiality of information disclosed during WorkSafeBC proceedings and must not use that information for other purposes without prior consent.

A breach of these standards may result in a representative's right of representation being restricted or denied. A representative who is abusive to WorkSafeBC staff may have his or her access to WorkSafeBC staff restricted. Further, the impugned conduct may be brought to the attention of the governing body of the representative.