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Sawmill and wood processing operations inspection update

Published on: November 15, 2012

Richmond, B.C. — WorkSafeBC has updated the status of orders issued in Phase I of the combustible dust strategy.

A directive order was issued to all sawmill employers on April 26, 2012. WorkSafeBC officers are ensuring that sawmill employers are in compliance as outlined in that order.


Phase I summary

Directive Order Status Count (sawmill locations)
Completed 152
No further action 1
Outstanding 1
Rescinded 19
Total 173

To date, an additional 516 orders were issued to sawmill employers as a result of worksite inspections conducted in Phase I of the strategy. Of those orders, 48 are outstanding.

Phase II

Phase II of the strategy began July 5, 2012 and includes similar wood processing operations where dust accumulation could be a safety hazard.


Phase II summary

Total locations
Transmitted inspections
Total orders issued
Orders outstanding
Orders by category  
Dust accumulations
- OHS 5.81 and WCA 115(1)(a)
Unsafe compressed air use
- OHS 4.42
Dust collection system issues
- OHS 5.71(3) and OHS 5.61
Ventilation required
- OHS 5.71
Other regulations

All current information on inspections and investigations is available on the Sawmills — Inspections and industry resources page.


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