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Sawmill inspection update

Published on: May 11, 2012

Richmond, B.C. — WorkSafeBC is providing an update on the inspections of sawmills in the Interior North Region that took place between the tragic sawmill incidents at Babine Forest Products sawmill on January 20 and Lakeland Mills on April 23. The Interior North region encompasses sawmills that process pine beetle kill wood in British Columbia.

During this period WorkSafeBC officers inspected 36 sawmills in the Interior North region. A total of 59 inspection reports were issued (not including 11 issued to Babine Forest Products in this period); 23 of which included orders.

WorkSafeBC is also providing an update on the status of orders issued under the combustible dust strategy (and a glossary of terms). Under status, “Outstanding” indicates that the employer is still working towards compliance with the directive order to conduct a risk assessment, and develop and implement a documented control plan, which includes training; “Completed” indicates that the WorkSafeBC officer was satisfied that the steps outlined in the directive order have completed.


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