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Stay connected: A way to support your injured workers

The importance of human connection in workplace safety

This webinar is one of five webinars for employers that feature experts discussing ways to stay connected to an injured worker and support their recovery and return to work.

To watch the recording or register for a future webinar, see Stay connected: A way to support your injured workers.

Speaker: Kevin Burns

Kevin Burns has been helping people work better together for over twenty-five years. His expertise in safety leadership and his international bestseller, PeopleWork: The Human Touch in Workplace Safety, have made him an award-winning consultant and trainer.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise, Kevin Burns has helped thousands of companies and organizations improve their teamwork, communications, and leadership in safety. He continues to inspire companies to create better workplaces around the world with his practical advice and guidance.

He is the founder and CEO of KevBurns Learning, an international learning and communications company dedicated to building supervisory leadership, clarifying safety messaging, and getting employee buy-in to safety.