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Meet Terry, client services manager

Published on: January 06, 2020

A career with a difference

As one of the first points of contact for those we serve, customer care agents play an integral role in the claims process and offer support to injured workers, employers, and health care providers.

Terry knows this first-hand from his two years as a customer call agent, before becoming team manager in 2016. "I started as a temp at the Claims Call Centre. At first, it was hard to adjust to the pace, but it was a great way to learn about our business. My goal right from the beginning was to understand how everything worked, then apply what I had learned to help our clients. It's up to all of us on the team to explain what is relevant in an understandable and thoughtful way."

One of the biggest challenges, Terry says, is helping people understand the claims process and that customer call agents can’t change a decision on a claim. "There's often an expectation that front-line staff have control over a claim. Sometimes, the client has already spoken to the person who is managing the claim, and they’ll call us hoping that the outcome might change. Our goal with these types of calls is to help clients understand the process and what their options are, while being empathetic to their situation.

"We need to always put ourselves in our clients' shoes. What is clear to us, may not be clear to someone who isn't familiar with our system," says Terry. "When we are understandable and thoughtful to the situation, we can have a meaningful conversation and make a difference."

To see job opportunities in claims, visit our careers page.

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