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WorkSafeBC Ergonomics Forum

Date: October 17, 2017 Time: 12:30PM - 4:30PM Location: WorkSafeBC auditorium, 6951 Westminster Highway, Richmond BC (Map it)

In recognition of Ergonomics Month, WorkSafeBC is hosting an ergonomics forum. You're invited to join us for an afternoon of presentations and networking.

You’ll hear presentations on these topics:

The changing face of work: Ergonomics for millennials and aging workers

The demographics are clear: on one end of the spectrum, the Canadian workforce is aging and older workers are making up a greater portion of the workforce and this will continue to increase. Learn about the impact of aging and how to ergonomically accommodate this age group. Millenials are at the other end of the spectrum and in a few short years they will make up 75 percent of the workforce. Discover practical ways to manage young workers’ habits and comfort, deal with their potentially pre-existing injuries, and learn how to persuade them to ergonomically conform to a more structured workplace.

My chair is plotting against me: Why sitting is a problem and what to do about it

You’ve probably heard that prolonged sitting is a killer, but what’s the solution? Stand all day? Throw a bunch of money into height-adjustable furniture? Find out what makes sitting so dangerous and what you can do to reduce the risks. Our ergonomists will discuss the pros and cons of sitting and standing, lessons learned in the implementation of height adjustable workstations, and share user-friendly tips to implement changes at your own workplace.

Are your safe work procedures keeping you safe?

In any industry, safe work procedures are necessary for safety and to manage risks. However, because of features of the environment, work as written is often different from how it is actually performed. This concept will be addressed with practical examples through a human factors lens. Safe work procedures will be discussed and options will be provided to improve their effectiveness.

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Apart from spots designated for people with a disability parking permit, parking is not available at WorkSafeBC for this event. Pay parking is available at nearby locations, including the Executive Airport Plaza and Richmond Hospital.