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New risk advisory on the dangers of fire and explosion in asphalt mix plants

Published on: August 15, 2023

Fires and explosions have occurred at asphalt mix plants in Canada. Learn more about the risk posed by ignition sources in flammable and combustible work areas.

Source of ignition can include propane ignition torches and electrical equipment, both of which are present in asphalt mix plants. When a source of ignition is present or used in areas where combustible or flammable products are present, a fire or explosion can occur. These products include bitumen — also known as liquid asphalt or asphalt cement (AC) — and diesel fuel, which can be used as a cleaning solvent.

This latest risk advisory, Dangers of fire and explosion at asphalt mix plants, outlines the potential risks and some control measures employers can take for reducing the risk, including:

  • Managing flammable hazards and ignition sources
  • Eliminating or reducing the need to heat pipes, valves, and pumps with a propane torch
  • Using alternative methods to spot-heat pipes, valves, and pumps

Learn more about managing risk in your workplace.