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New risk advisory outlines the risk of exposure to toxic chemicals from cured-in-place piping (CIPP)

Published on: September 01, 2022

CIPP is a method of repairing sanitary sewer and stormwater supply lines while the original piping remains in place. Many of the chemicals used in CIPP can pose a risk of significant irritation and occupational disease, even at low exposure levels, and must be properly controlled.

CIPP is an emerging technology in British Columbia. Our new risk advisory, Exposure to toxic chemicals from cured-in-place piping, explains the potential risk of exposure to toxic chemicals from this technology, identifies who is at risk, and provides guidance on reducing the risk.

As an employer, you can reduce the risk of exposure in your workplace — and in nearby public spaces and other workplaces — by following the manufacturer’s instructions for setting up the task, determining whether an exposure control plan and ventilation plan are needed, reviewing the pipe design layout, and identifying any hazards associated with confined spaces or equipment required on the project.

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