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New risk advisory outlines the dangers of extracting cannabis using equipment at high pressure

Published on: October 12, 2022

The process of extracting cannabis is complex and requires special equipment operating under high pressure. Firms in the cannabis industry that extract cannabis use this equipment to make a crude extract. During the extraction process, there’s a risk of blasts caused by an inadvertent release of pressure.

Our new risk advisory, Dangers of extracting cannabis using equipment at high pressure, explains the potential risk of blasts that can happen during the cannabis extraction process. It identifies who is at risk and provides guidance on reducing the risk.

As an employer, you can reduce the risk of blasts in your workplace by assessing risks such as extraction methods and equipment, solvent and/or chemical properties, facility design, and worker interactions. The information in this risk advisory will help you assess this risk and consider effective and reliable controls for using equipment at high pressure.

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