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New videos promote a risk management approach for couriers and other delivery drivers

Published on: June 28, 2022

Increasing demand for products delivered directly to consumers has contributed to significant growth of courier and delivery services — and injuries to workers.

Safety With Every Step video series

Delivery drivers face risks everywhere they go, and those risks can change from one delivery to the next. Assessing changing risks is crucial to staying safe.

These videos build awareness of top workplace hazards identified by and for delivery drivers. They show drivers how to size up a situation, spot hazards, and take steps to avoid harm when making routine deliveries.

The courier industry, which includes last mile and food delivery services, has grown rapidly since the beginning of the pandemic. With this industry growth, claims have increased by 30 percent over three years, primarily involving musculoskeletal injuries (MSIs).

The shift in culture toward online buying, and the growth of the gig economy, are expected to continue post-pandemic. With increasing numbers of delivery drivers on the roads, often working under significant time pressure, it's more crucial than ever that drivers keep safety top of mind.

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