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New resources help you manage risks in your workplace

Published on: April 14, 2022

Review the basics of managing risks, learn what makes an effective health and safety program, and create a key risk inventory for your workplace. These resources will help new employers, as well as those looking for a refresher on the fundamentals of occupational health and safety.

Basics of risk management: Four steps to a healthy and safe workplace

This information sheet will help employers manage the risks in a workplace by following four basic steps:

  1. Understand the level of risk in the workplace.
  2. Implement appropriate measures.
  3. Communicate policies and protocols to all workers.
  4. Monitor measures regularly and update them as required.

Creating a Key Risk Inventory for Your Workplace: Engaging Your Workers to Help Manage Risks

This guide and template will help you in your overall strategy for managing workplace risks. The template is downloadable and can be used to collect risk information from your workers.

Creating and Managing a Healthy and Safe Workplace

This book, formerly called “How to Implement a Formal Occupational Health & Safety Program”, has been revised as a comprehensive primer on basic health and safety planning and management for employers and joint committees. Covered content includes roles and responsibilities for health and safety, elements of an OHS program, risk management, the role of joint committees, and requirements for personal protective equipment and first aid.

See Create & manage a healthy & safe workplace, including sections on Managing risk and Health & safety programs, for more information and resources.