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Incident investigation reports can now be completed online

Published on: April 28, 2022

Employers are responsible for investigating certain incidents or near-misses that take place in the workplace and submitting an investigation report to WorkSafeBC. These investigations help employers and WorkSafeBC determine why an incident happened and what can be done to prevent similar situations in the future.

To support employers in meeting this responsibility, we’re introducing a new online application to easily complete employer incident investigation reports (EIIRs) at each stage of your investigation and submit them to WorkSafeBC when required.

Through the application you can:

  • Create preliminary and full investigation reports
  • Prepopulate information from your preliminary report
  • Save a partially completed report
  • View any prior reports submitted through online services

It can also help with your organization’s health and safety, by enabling you to:

  • Easily access an incident investigation report to see what actions are still required and what you must do to comply
  • Grant access to the reports to the people in your organization who can put the necessary actions in place to comply with orders
  • Support your health and safety planning by viewing your incident investigations history and tracking your progress on corrective actions taken

How to access incident investigation reports online

You can submit your incident investigation reports through your online services account.

To do so, you’ll first need to set up access to the “View or submit Employer Incident Investigation Report” tool through one of the following ways:

  • If you are the administrator of your online services account, you can give yourself access by selecting “Change my or another user’s access to online tools” under the Administration menu.
  • If you are not the administrator of your online services account, you will need to request access from the account’s administrator(s). You can do this by selecting “Request a change in my access to online tools” under the My profile menu.

Once you have access, click on the “Health & Safety” tab and you will see a link to “View or submit an Employer Incident Investigation Report”.

When you're in the application, you'll have the option to start a preliminary or full investigation report.

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