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Province announces short-term paid sick leave for COVID

Published on: May 11, 2021

Today, the provincial government announced amendments to the Employment Standards Act that will bring in three days of paid sick leave related to COVID-19, such as having symptoms, self-isolating and waiting for a test result.

Employers will be required to pay workers their full wages and the Province will reimburse employers without an existing sick leave program up to $200 per day for each worker to cover costs.

WorkSafeBC will support the province’s short-term, paid sick leave for COVID-19 by developing an online application, which will be used by employers who are registered for WorkSafeBC coverage to apply for the employer reimbursement program. The online application will be available beginning next month.

Learn more

For more information, including updates on the availability of the online application, visit the provincial government’s website on COVID-19 paid sick leave.

If you have questions about the Employment Standards Act changes, please contact the Employment Standards Branch, or call toll-free 1.833.236.3700.