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New High Risk Strategies and Industry Initiatives

Published on: March 10, 2021

Information on how we will apply our prevention efforts to help employers effectively manage their risks is now available in WorkSafeBC’s 2021–2023 High Risk Strategies and Industry Initiatives.

Our strategies and initiatives identify and target industries and employers with a high risk of serious workplace injury and a significant contribution to the serious injury rate and overall injury rate. They take place over multiple years and are reviewed annually to make any necessary adjustments.

For 2021–2023, we are building upon existing strategies and initiatives, as well as refining our four newest initiatives, which focus on health and safety issues affecting workplaces across the province: Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSIs), Psychological Safety, Small Business, and Sustained Compliance.

Our prevention efforts will include an inspectional approach that aims to help employers better understand broader health and safety risks that apply to all workplaces, including COVID-19, and specific areas of focus for their industry.

Learn more about our High-Risk Strategies and Industry Initiatives.