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Revised resource outlines employer responsibilities for the safe operation of lift trucks

Published on: January 22, 2021

As an employer, you’re responsible for protecting workers who operate lift trucks or work around them in your workplace. This includes identifying hazards and assessing the risks, and providing workers with the necessary information, training, and supervision to work safely.

Employer responsibilities for lift truck safetyThis information sheet describes employers’ health and safety responsibilities when it comes to lift trucks. In addition to controlling identified risks and ensuring workers know how to operate lift trucks safely, Employer responsibilities for lift truck safety discusses your responsibility for providing suitable lift trucks for the work tasks and making sure they are properly maintained by qualified workers.

It also lists several questions to help you assess the safety of your facility’s layout and design, such as whether side clearance in aisles allow for the safe operation of lift trucks and if there are designated walkways for pedestrians.

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