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Deferral of Q1 and Q2 payments ends October 20

Published on: September 28, 2020

We’d like to remind employers that the deferral period for Q1 and Q2 assessment premiums will end on October 20, 2020.

Employers will have to pay their premiums for Q1, Q2, and Q3 in full by this date, and return to their regular reporting and payment schedule going forward.

What do you need to do?

  • Log in to your online services account (or refer to your most recent Statement of Account) to identify the amount deferred from Q1 and Q2.
  • Determine the premiums for Q3 by reporting your quarterly payroll – online or by completing a Payroll and Payment Form.
  • By October 20, pay the premiums for Q1, Q2, and Q3 in full. For health and safety reasons, please do not drop off payments at our offices at this time; instead, take advantage of our online payment options or use mail.

As a reminder, if you receive a CEWS subsidy, you do not have to include the wages of any furloughed workers (i.e., those on paid leave and not working) in your calculation of assessable payroll.

Update: March 1, 2021: Continued support for employers receiving CEWS

If you need support

We announced the deferral period of Q1 and Q2 premiums earlier this year as a way to provide relief to employers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recognize that some businesses may still be facing challenges during this time, and we’re here to help if you can’t make your payment by October 20. Please call us at 604.244.6375 to discuss an option to pay your premiums in monthly installments of ¼ of your outstanding balance.