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COVID-19 health care provider update

Published on: March 30, 2020

At WorkSafeBC, we are actively monitoring and adjusting to the COVID-19 situation to determine how we can best support our health care providers and follow guidance from public health officials.

Communicating with us

In line with the public health guidelines, we are working to enable our staff to work from home, and we have limited capacity to answer the phones. If you do need to communicate with claims staff, we ask that you please do so in writing and not by telephone during this time. Please send worker updates by fax to: 604.233.9777 or toll-free 1.888.922.8807.

If you are submitting a brief update by fax about a change in service provision, please include the worker’s name, claim number, and brief details about the update (including remote service readiness). If you are submitting a program report for the worker, please include all details in relation to program interruptions and/or telehealth services in the report.

If you need to speak to a WorkSafeBC staff member urgently, please use their direct line whenever possible. Please note that our staff may be contacting you from a private phone number during this public health emergency. If your phone is set up to block calls from private or anonymous numbers, you may miss their call. Please consider changing your phone settings temporarily in order to receive service.

Using telehealth

For those services that can be delivered via telehealth, we encourage you to explore this option where clinically appropriate. Please consult with your professional governing body regarding the guidelines and recommendations and use your discretion as to whether telehealth is appropriate for a specific service.

In addition to the code of conduct outlined by your regulatory body, please use a formal telehealth platform whenever possible. If this is not possible and there is an identified need for telehealth, you must first explain the privacy risks to the worker and obtain their consent before starting any telehealth service.

In these cases, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Ensure the device used has been updated to the latest software.
  • Ensure the device has strong password protection.
  • Turn cloud services off in order to avoid potential storage or access outside Canada.
  • Do not use the option to store the full conversation but record only the information required using normal record keeping.
  • Conduct calls in a private room or setting.
  • Comply with any professional standards and practice guidance by respective regulatory bodies.
  • Ensure the worker is comfortable using the service.
  • Explain there are risks to privacy that may be comparable to use of social media platforms.
  • Get client consent for the use of the chosen platform.

These modifications to service delivery are recommended until further notice.

Questions and more information

We understand that you may have questions regarding payment and we will work to provide answers as soon as possible, but ask for your patience as we work through solutions.

If there is a suspected case of COVID-19 at your facility, please review the resources at the BC Centre for Disease Control and email Health Care Services immediately.

We recognize that this is a rapidly changing situation and we will strive to maintain communication and support to our providers based on the information available. Thank you for the service you provide to our workers, particularly during this incredibly challenging time.