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Food trucks can pose explosion risk

Published on: March 06, 2019

Food trucks primarily use propane to fuel cooking and other equipment. Explosions can occur when propane leaks from equipment or a fuel tank, builds up in a truck and ignites.

Propane gas systems used in food trucks, unlike those in most other commercial premises, are exposed to stresses, such as vibration and movement, on a daily basis, which can increase the risk.

As the number of food trucks continues to rise, so does the risk of explosion. This video of a recent food truck explosion in Oregon, likely caused by a malfunctioning gas line, dramatically captures such an event.

WorkSafeBC resources

The risk of an explosion can be reduced a number of ways. To educate food truck owners and operators on how to reduce the risk, WorkSafeBC has these resources available:

WorkSafeBC’s continuing efforts

WorkSafeBC will continue to raise the awareness of this risk and offer solutions to food truck owners and operators. We’ve engaged with over 40 food truck employers, as well as the organizers of festivals that feature food trucks and a variety of municipal and fire prevention associations, to highlight this risk and remind employers of their responsibilities to take precautions to ensure the safe operation of their propane tanks or food trucks.