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Changes to the online Notice of Project submission process

Published on: January 31, 2019

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requires that WorkSafeBC be notified of certain types of projects before they begin. The form submitted is called a Notice of Project (NOP) and is currently available online and in print. To address employer feedback and aging technology, we’ve upgraded the Notice of Project online submission process. As of January 2019, all employers can access to the new form, which we will continue to enhance throughout 2019.

While both the online and print versions of the old form are still available and accepted, they will eventually be retired.

Employer feedback informs changes

In the fall of 2018, a select group of employers piloted the new submission process. The results of the pilot are helping to guide future changes.

Customized forms, easier to complete

In the past, one form was used for all five types of projects that require notice to be given. With the new forms, employers are able to complete a customized form for each type of project that only asks relevant questions and includes help text using common industry language. In addition, if an employer submits more than one form during the same online session, some information will be pre-filled. Location entries are also faster, offering valid address matches as you type, or a geo-location (identified by the longitude and latitude) can be used where no valid street address yet exists.

Upload documents, and print or save confirmation

You can upload supplementary documentation at the time of NOP submission in the new form. For NOPs regarding asbestos, lead or similar exposure work activity, supplementary documentation is required by Regulation. For these projects, required documentation must be uploaded in order to submit the NOP and receive a confirmation.

The NOP confirmation is provided as an Acrobat PDF document which can be printed, saved, or forwarded to others. The layout and appearance of the confirmation document have also changed, and now include the submission date and time, and the earliest date and time the project may start, based on the required notice period.

No time limit, more help, easier feedback

There is no longer a 30-minute session time out. We've also provided helpful guidelines for form completion on the same page as the questions. A feedback section gives users the opportunity to help us make even more improvements in future.

Same timelines, information requirements, and update process

There are no changes to the regulatory requirements for notification time or posting. Minimal changes have been made to clarify the type of information requested. Employers still need to contact WorkSafeBC's Prevention Support Services in writing to update an NOP if the project information significantly changes.

For more information

Please call our Prevention Information Line.

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