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Working during flood season

Published on: May 14, 2018

There is currently a high risk of flooding in many areas of B.C. This is due to a heavy snowpack that is rapidly melting, mixed with plugged or frozen culverts. In areas recently burned by wildfire, the flood risk can be even greater due to the soil’s reduced ability to absorb water. Heavy snowmelt also increases the risk of landslides and debris in rivers and creeks, road and bridge washouts, and dangerous erosion.

Flood waters can move quickly, sometimes with little warning. It is important to do a risk assessment and have an emergency response plan that takes flood risks into consideration, including a person-check system for all affected workers. Flood preparations are particularly important if workers need to travel through the backwoods and/or rely on resource roads to access worksites.

The following government resources can help employers prepare for and respond to flood risks: