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Workers Compensation Amendment Act, 2015 (Bill 9)

Bill 9 received Royal Assent on May 14 and contains a number of changes to Part 3 of the Workers Compensation Act (the Act).

The goal of the changes is to improve workplace health and safety and strengthen the tools that WorkSafeBC uses to enforce the Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

Update (Feb. 1, 2016) — OHS Citations

OHS Citations are another tool WorkSafeBC officers can use to obtain compliance with orders and requirements relating to compliance reports in circumstances that are not high risk. OHS Citations were in force August 4, 2015 and are being implemented beginning February 1, 2016. To learn more, see our primer in the Resources section below.

Update (Jan. 1, 2016) — Bill 35 changes

The Workers Compensation Amendment Act (No. 2), 2015 (Bill 35), which builds on the legislative changes made under Bill 9 (see below), introduced a number of changes that took effect January 1, 2016. Learn more about the Bill 35 changes.

Update (Aug. 4, 2015) — Highlights of the Bill 9 changes

On August 4, 2015, several provisions of Bill 9, the Workers Compensation Amendment Act, 2015, were brought into force by Order-in-Council:

  • Compliance agreements (effective Sept. 15, 2015)
  • Employer citations (in force August 4, 2015, to be implemented February 1, 2016)
  • Request for reviews: New timeline as set out in the Time Period for Review Regulation (effective Sept. 15, 2015)
  • Additional members on our Board of Directors (effective Sept. 15, 2015)

Learn more about these changes here.

Update (May 14, 2015) — Highlights of the Bill 9 changes

Changes to the Act that were effective May 14, 2015 include:

  • Expanded stop work order powers
  • Changes to employer incident investigations
  • Expanded injunction powers
  • Changes to penalty due diligence


The following documents are provided as high level summaries that provide an introduction and overview of the changes to the Workers Compensation Act:

WorkSafeBC has now published occupational health and safety policies related to the Bill 9 amendments. See updates to the Prevention Manual and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation page.

Learn more about Employer Incident Investigations

Please review the questions and answers on changes to the Workers Compensation Act.

For more information

WorkSafeBC will continue posting additional information, including occupational health and safety policies, guidelines, and other materials here.