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The WorkSafeBC logo and Certified WorkSafeBC logo are official marks of WorkSafeBC and are protected. Their use is strictly regulated.

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Only first aid training agencies with whom WorkSafeBC has written agreements are permitted to use the Certified WorkSafeBC logo.

The WorkSafeBC logo and/or Certified WorkSafeBC logo may not be used to indicate registration with WorkSafeBC. Employers may use the words “Registered with WorkSafeBC” if they are registered and in good standing with WorkSafeBC.

No commercial use of either logo is permitted.

If you have any questions about the WorkSafeBC logo or wish to request permission for use, please contact WorkSafeBC.

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Commercial reproduction

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Videos, DVDs, and CDs

Reselling, copying, reproducing, reformatting, and/or re-labelling and distributing WorkSafeBC video cassettes, DVDs, and CDs — or any portion of the content from these — in any form, is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of WorkSafeBC. Digital copies of media purchased from WorkSafeBC and downloaded from the web site can be copied and transferred to electronic devices for distribution, provided such use is for educational purposes only.