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Notice of Project

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requires that employers notify WorkSafeBC in writing about the undertaking of certain projects. The Notice of Project form allows employers to notify WorkSafeBC that a project is to take place during a specified period.

The specific requirements and information provided, such as the notice period and location for each project type, are determined by the specific Regulation section. Select the appropriate link to view parts of the regulation that apply:

Regulation references Amount of Notice Required
Construction (OH&S Regulation 20.2) At least 24 hours notice required
Asbestos or Lead (OH&S Regulation 20.2 (1)(c)) At least 24 hours notice required
Forestry other than a silviculture
project lasting 5 days or less (OH&S Regulation 26.4)
At least 24 hours notice required
Diving (OH&S Regulation 24.9(1)(a) to (f)) At least 24 hours notice required
Aircraft Operations (forestry) (OH&S Regulation 29.16) At least 2 weeks notice required
Underground Workings (OH&S Regulation 22.6) At least 30 days notice required


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