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Teleclaim Contact Centre

Call 1 888 WORKERS to report a work-related injury

Are you a worker who was injured at work? Have you missed time at work as a result? If so, you should report your injuries to WorkSafeBC by calling our Teleclaim Contact Centre. We’ll help you complete an injury report, understand the claim process, and access services to assist in your recovery and return to work.

What to expect

When you call Teleclaim, you will hear a series of instructions. Please listen carefully, so we can direct you to the right WorkSafeBC representative.

  • If you already have a claim with WorkSafeBC, and wish to get decision information, have your claim number ready.
  • If you already have a claim with WorkSafeBC, and wish to get payment information, have your claim number and personal access number (PAN) ready.
  • To access WorkSafeBC’s 24-hour inquiry line, press 1.
  • To start a new claim (application for compensation), press 2.
  • If you know the extension of the person you’re trying to reach, press 4.
  • The following options apply to injured workers who know the specific nature of their injury:
    • Press 4: Occupational disease, inter-jurisdictional, or hearing-loss claims
    • Press 5: Disability awards and pension claims
  • If you’re unsure about the nature of your injury, press 0, or simply stay on the line to connect with a compensation services representative.

Who should call?

Any B.C. worker who has been injured at work and missed work time as a result should call Teleclaim to report his/her injury to WorkSafeBC.

What is the number?

1 888 WORKERS (1 888 967-5377), or #5377 for Telus, Rogers, and Bell mobility customers.

When can I call?

Monday to Friday
8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Order Teleclaim materials

Order the following materials featuring the Teleclaim phone number, free, to display in your workplace:

Teleclaim poster
Teleclaim wallet card
Wallet cards

How to order

Enter your order at, and we’ll deliver it to you.