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Compensation Practice Directive: #C16-2 — Interim Third Party Business Processes

Legal and Compensation Services staff are in the process of reviewing the business procedures on third party claims. A third party is a person, other than a worker or employer as defined by the  Workers’ Compensation Act, who caused or contributed to the worker’s injury. Part of this review involved the study of all third party files referred to Legal Services. This study found that legal action was not pursued in a significant number of cases due to the nature of the case.

Once this review is completed, new business procedures will be developed to address third party referrals and to improve WorkSafeBC officers ability to make timely decisions. In the interim, temporary business processes are in place for WorkSafeBC officers to follow when adjudicating possible third party claims.

Effective Date: Dec 14, 1998 File type: PDF (182 KB) Asset type: Practice Directive Practice Directive Number: C16-2