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Faller dies when struck by bucked tree

A faller was standing on the narrow ledge of a cliff to buck a windfall tree. The windfall's rootwad was lying on the perimeter of the ledge and was only loosely attached to the ground. Most of the windfall's 58-foot trunk was suspended between two standing trees below the ledge. As the faller completed the bucking cuts, the rootwad rolled downhill off the ledge, causing the lower part of the trunk to pivot on one of the standing trees. Then as the suspended trunk swung uphill, its bucked end pinned the faller against the cliff. He sustained fatal injuries.


Findings as to causes

  • The faller suffered fatal injuries when the windfall tree he had just bucked pivoted, pinning him against the cliff face.
Findings as to underlying factors
  • The cliff ledge on which the faller was working did not have adequate escape routes.
  • The faller did not adequately assess the hazards at the site and the tree to be bucked. His decisions did not meet the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and the BC Faller Training Standard.

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Publication Date: Jan 2008 File type: PDF (879 KB) Asset type: Incident Investigation Report Summary NI number: 2008161750006