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Population-based Survey of Beliefs about Neck and Upper Extremity Injuries: Prelude to Social Marketing Campaigns Designed to Reduce Disability

The researchers carried out a survey to measure the beliefs of adults in Alberta and Briths Columbia concerning activity, rest, treatment, expected outcome, and work ability following whiplash injury, neck pain from work injury, and /or work-related upper extremity injury. The survey data were then used to design a social marketing campaign about reducing chronic pain and disability related to these medical conditions

Research has shown that individual beliefs can affect pain and disability outcomes. This project surveyed a sample of B.C. and Alberta residents about their beliefs concerning recovery from three common workplace injuries: neck pain disorders, upper extremity pain disorders, and whiplash associated disorders (WAD). The survey results are relevant to clinical practice and social marketing efforts

Principal Investigator: Robert Ferrari (University of Alberta)
Co-investigators: Douglas Gross , Linda Carroll, Anthony Russell (University of Alberta), Rachelle Buchbinder (Monash University, Melbourne Australia), Donald Krawciw (WorkSafeBC)
Funding Awarded: $16,224*

*In partnership with the Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board

Competition Year: 2006 File type: PDF (250 KB) Asset type: Research Research: RS2006-OG01