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Liquid skin substitute combined with autologous meshed grafts improves the survivability, healing quality and faster recovery of patients with large injuries

This study will explore a new approach through which burn patients will receive autologous meshed grafts plus a recently developed powdered reconstituteable liquid skin substitute (“MeshFill”) to fill up the ungrafted burn wound areas. This research will conduct a pre-clinical trial of MeshFill using Red Duroc Pigs whose skin thickness, healing process and formation of hypertrophic scarring upon injury are very similar to those of humans. The healing outcome will be evaluated and compared to those seen on patients in the burn unit at the Vancouver General Hospital. If successful, the researchers aim to receive Health Canada approval for a pilot study in burn patients.

Principal Applicant: Aziz Ghahary (BC Professional Firefighters’ Burn and Wound Healing Research Group)
Funding Awarded: $58,280 (Innovation)

Competition Year: 2016 Asset type: Research Research: RS2016-IG21