Rate consultation sessions

We have completed our virtual rate consultation sessions for this year. Thank you to everyone who joined us to learn more about WorkSafeBC’s preliminary assessment premium rates for 2023, and what you can do to reduce injuries, claim costs, and your premium rate. Below is some information about the sessions and what we discussed.

2023 preliminary premium rates now available

Learn more about the 2023 preliminary premium rates and find your rate.

Session details

In July, we held a number of virtual rate consultation sessions. The sessions included a 60-minute presentation focusing on the following topics, followed by a live question and answer period:

  • The financial state of the workers' compensation system
  • Rate and classification changes
  • How you, as an employer, can influence your rates through improved health and safety

See a video of one of this year's sessions.

Resources to help you reduce your premium

While your base premium rate is set using the historical costs of injuries for your industry, you have the opportunity to earn a discount for your business by reducing your claim costs.

We offer tools and expert advice on how to do this through injury prevention, workplace safety, and disability management and return-to-work programs for injured workers. For best practices in injury prevention and injury management that could help you lower your costs, visit our industry health and safety pages.

To learn more about what’s driving costs in your industry, browse our industry health and safety data.

Questions about the sessions?

  • Send an email to Rate Consultation
  • Write to us at PO Box 5350 Stn Terminal, Vancouver BC V6B 5L5

You can provide feedback on the 2023 preliminary rates until October 6, 2022, for consideration by our Board of Directors.