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If you've experienced bullying and harassment in your workplace, there are steps you can take. The first step is reporting the bullying and harassment to your employer, who is required to have bullying and harassment policies and procedures in place, and to conduct an investigation into the report, following their own procedures.

Steps to resolve your bullying and harassment complaint

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    Report to your employer

    Report the bullying and harassment to your employer as soon as possible, following your employer’s policies and procedures.

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    Contact the Prevention Information Line

    If your employer has not taken reasonable steps to address the incident, contact the Prevention Information Line at 604.276.3100 (1.888.621.7233 toll free) and speak with a prevention officer about your employer’s duty to take reasonable steps to prevent workplace bullying and harassment.

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    Submit a complaint

    If the issue has not been resolved after reporting the incident to your employer and discussing it with a prevention officer, you may submit a complaint to WorkSafeBC. WorkSafeBC may make further inquiries into the steps your employer has taken to prevent workplace bullying and harassment.

WorkSafeBC's role

WorkSafeBC's role is to ensure that employers have proper policies and procedures in place to address bullying and harassment, and that complaints of workplace bullying and harassment are investigated and addressed. WorkSafeBC's role is not to resolve or mediate any specific disputes or conflicts.

After receiving your completed questionnaire, a WorkSafeBC prevention officer will review it to determine if we have the authority to investigate further. If not, we will notify you and briefly explain why WorkSafeBC will not be taking any further action. A prevention officer may refer you to other resources if available.

If your complaint is that your employer has failed to adhere to bullying and harassment legal requirements — and has no bullying and harassment policy and procedures in place in your workplace — a prevention officer can make sure your employer meets these requirements.

Submit a workplace bullying and harassment complaint