Certifying partners

Certifying partners are organizations that have contractual agreements with WorkSafeBC to help guide eligible employers through the certificate of recognition (COR) process. Certifying partners are typically health and safety associations recognized for their in-depth industry knowledge of workplace health and safety issues.

Certifying partners perform the following services:

  • Register employers into the COR program
  • Provide information, training opportunities, and other resources to assist employers in qualifying for COR
  • Develop industry-appropriate audit requirements based on WorkSafeBC standards
  • Provide suitable audit tools and help employers in finding certified auditors
  • Maintain confidentiality and quality assurance of employer records and audits

Finding a certifying partner

Employers are aligned to certifying partners specific to their industry. Once an employer registers with a certifying partner, the certifying partner guides the employer to implement an effect health and safety management system, and helps the employer complete and pass a qualifying audit.

You can search for the certifying partner aligned with your industry by selecting your classification unit (CU) number in the search tool.

Search for certifying partner by CU

If there is no certifying partner for your industry, WorkSafeBC will align you with an existing certifying partner in a related industry sector. For example, a window manufacturing and installation company that spends a large amount of time on construction sites would be considered naturally aligned to the construction industry for COR certification purposes.

There is an addendum for employers about natural alignment that includes a grid for determining a naturally aligned certifying partner. Employers can also contact the Partners Program directly by phone to speak with a team member.

Below is the list of certifying partners and the industries they represent.


Industry: Agriculture

BC Construction Safety Alliance

Industry: Construction

BC Forest Safety Council

Industry: Forestry

Logo for BC Municipal Safety Association

BC Municipal Safety Association

Industry: Local government employers

Energy Safety Canada

Energy Safety Canada

Industry: Upstream oil and gas


Industry: Tourism and hospitality

Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC

Industries: Manufacturing, food processing


Industries: Trucking, transportation, warehousing, shipping, logistics