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Your role in the claims process

When a worker suffers a work-related injury or disease, the worker, employer, and physician report it to us to start a claim. We use the reports to help us evaluate the claim.

If a claim is accepted, we partner with workers, health care providers, and employers to help the worker recover. We all share the goal of a safe return to work.

You play an important role, providing treatment to help the worker recover on the job where possible and making return-to-work recommendations. We count on receiving timely, accurate reports and communication on the worker's progress.

The claim remains active throughout the worker's recovery. We pay for health care services and supplies that are medically necessary. We may also provide compensation to the worker for lost wages if time was missed from work. Learn more about our claims process.

How collaboration helps recovery

It takes a team to help injured workers recover and return to their normal lives. As part of that team, you provide health care advice and support the worker's recovery. Your collaboration and communication with the worker and the employer about the value of recovering at work are important elements in recovery.

Talk to your patient (the injured worker) about what he or she can do, rather than what he or she can't do. Encourage your patient to keep in regular contact with the employer.

Your input will help the employer and worker make important decisions and shape their ideas about what duties are both possible and safe for the worker.

Learn more about how recovery at work helps.