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Head Injury Assessment & Treatment Services

When people have a work-related concussion or mild brain injury, we may refer them to our network of Head Injury Assessment and Treatment Services (HIATS) providers. This network is made up of providers who have long-term contracts with us. These contracts come up for bidding periodically.

Overview of services

With early intervention, and a goal of helping clients return to work, Head Injury Assessment and Treatment Services include the following:

  • Concussion clinic performed by a neuropsychologist. It screens for mild traumatic brain injury less than 12 weeks old. The service includes an interview and education session, and could include a cognitive screen.
  • Comprehensive neuropsychological assessment.
  • Medical examination.
  • Psychological services.
  • Speech and language pathology services.
  • Physical therapy services.
  • Occupational therapy services.
  • Vestibular rehabilitation services.
  • Facilitated work services, which include a functional screening assessment, job site visit, as well as return-to-work planning, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Interdisciplinary treatment program.

Becoming a provider

Our long-term Head Injury Assessment and Treatment Services contracts come up for bidding every few years. To become a provider, you need to apply when the bidding process begins.

We post notifications on Bid Opportunities when contracts are up for bidding. All the information you need, including how to submit your bid, will be available in the posted documents.

Through Bid Opportunities, you can also sign up for automatic notifications whenever one of these bid opportunities is posted.

Submitting reports and invoices

All the information you need to complete our required paperwork is available in the contract documents you sign with us.

Head Injury Assessment and Treatment Services providers have access to our Provider Portal. This secure online portal lets you efficiently receive referrals, submit reports and invoices, and check the status of your payment.

Need more information?

We're here to help. Please contact our Health Care Services team.